How Successful Solo Females Travel The World Confidently Without the Threat of Predators, Sex Offenders, Criminals or Con Artists

Don’t you want to…
  Travel the World SAFELY as a Solo Female?
  Go ANYWHERE hassle-free
  Enjoy your vacactions and getaways without FEAR or STRESS?
  Walk down unfamiliar streets CONFIDENTLY?
Then you will LOVE this online course that has women from around the globe buzzing with excitement!
How To Travel Safely As A Solo Female (Without Your Biggest Fears Coming True!)

Women's Travel Safety 


Give Yourself & Loved Ones the Gift of SAFETY & SECURITY on your Worldly Travels
You will be SHOCKED at some of the body language signals you may be giving off SUBCONSCIOUSLY which may be enticing potential attackers!

This course is a PREVENTATIVE safety course, giving you the skills you need to spot dangerous situations BEFORE they happen so you can make your getaway! We believe that being safe doesn't mean never going to Mongolia, but going to Mongolia and staying safe!

"You never know how far you can go until you've gone too far." -T.S. Elliot 

We have helped over 10,000+ Students in 146 Countries!

  • Lifetime Access: So you can watch the videos again and again.
  • Makes the Perfect Gift: Have a daughter, niece, cousin, friend, mother or Godchild about to take a trip? This online course makes the perfect parting gift to keep your loved ones safe!
How To Avoid Scams & Travel Risk Free... 
Even To The Worlds "Riskiest Countries"

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This Is Why This Is Different


Look. I know. You've seen things like this before. And maybe you're wondering, "Is this really as it says it is?"

The answer is ... NO. 


Here's why:

This isn't some "I'm well traveled and your not" type of thing. 

I worked in some of the most "unsafe countries." I am tall, have blonde hair and green eyes, fair skin... and I was in my 20's working abroad with horses. 

I know how it feels to be groped by men, asked for a bribe from the local police and pushed outside my comfort zone. 

It was in those moments that I learned my biggest lessons in life.

If you want to travel around not respecting the local culture or customs, then this course isn't for you!

Sure its possible to only stay in 5 star resorts and never speak one word to the locals... but this isn't about that.


It's about feeling at peace, knowing your in good hands and that you can travel the world confidently anywhere as a solo female traveler...

And do it the right way...

This is why I created this... to pay it forward.

...and for you to be able to talk to the locals, eat the local food and experience the miraculous cultures like I did when I first started my life long travels over 11 years ago. 

Today I've traveled to countries like Yemen and Iraq. I have been blessed to meet so many incredible people along the way, and now I wan't YOU to live your dreams and never let anything stop you from seeing the world!


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Bonus 1: Travel Scams 101 Master Class. First hand encounters with some of the world's sketchiest scams, con-men and scam artists. (Value: $127)
Bonus #2: Expert Secrets from a retired law enforcement agent on how criminals think and prey on potential victims. (Value: $97)
Bonus #3:  Car followed us in Russia video - Access to never-before-seen footage of how two solo females in a hot pink car escaped a car of men following them  (Value: $47)

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  • ​Discover the history behind Palo Santo and its origin
  • ​​Learn what White Sage has also been used for by our ancestors
  • ​Discover the amazing properties of Selenite and why I recommend it


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  • The Energy Cleansing Secrets Guide
  • Bonus #1: My Gratitude Journal 
  • Bonus #2: "Healing Inside Out & Outside In"
  • Bonus #3: My "Healing Background Music" 
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(Value $27)
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Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Order The Women's Travel Safety Course Today!

  • Women's Travel Safety Secrets Course
  • Bonus #1: Travel Scams 101 Master Class
  • ​Bonus #2: Expert Secrets from a retired law enforcement agent
  • Bonus #3: Car followed us in Russia video - access to never-before-seen footage of how two solo females in a hot pink car escaped a car of men following them 
(Value $127)
(Value $127)
(Value $97)
(Value $47)

Total Value: $398

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